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Youth Stipend program

Our youth community service program provides opportunities for young people to engage in meaningful community service projects while receiving a stipend. Through the program, participants are able to connect with peers, adults, and community leaders to address education platforms and support one another. Some of the successful projects we've completed include toy drives, cancer awareness projects, youth listening sessions, PSAs for Covid 19, as well as fire and college relief drives. The program aims to empower young people to become active members of their communities while developing important skills and experiences.

Community Assistance

Community Drives

These activities of the program focuse on organizing community drives for various causes such as fire relief, college drives, toy drives, and community relief. It aims to mobilize volunteers and collect resources to support those in need within the community.


Awareness Campaigns

This program focuses on raising awareness for various important issues such as marijuana abuse, healthy relationships, Covid 19, mental health, and education. Through targeted campaigns and outreach efforts, the program aims to educate and empower youth and communities to make informed decisions and take positive actions towards these issues.

Youth Leadership

Peer to peer

Our program aims to empower youth by providing them with opportunities to build strong peer networks, access resources, and lead peer-to-peer based panels. Through this program, we hope to support young people in developing healthy relationships and achieving their goals.