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Post High School Program

Our program for High school seniors has successfully helped students gain admission into prestigious universities such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, Howard, and many more. Our goal is to help students maximize their profile potential and get into their dream schools. With our assistance, we provide guidance and support for the college application process, making it more accessible and less stressful for students.

College Profile

Our program aims to help youth develop a strong college profile through personalized college counseling on the application process. We cover a range of topics including community service, letters of recommendation, testing, transcripts, and requirements/deadlines to ensure that students are well-prepared for their college journey.

Recommendation Letters

Our program offers to write recommendation letters for youth who have participated in our community service events. These letters can strengthen their college profiles, as colleges often value community service involvement. The greater the impact of the community service, the stronger the recommendation letter.

Community Profile

Our stipend programs enable youth to gain valuable skills and experience while making a positive impact on their communities. By participating in these programs, youth can add meaningful contributions to their college applications and strengthen their profiles.